Fun ideas for Farklet training

Farklet is a Swedish term meaning speedplay which dates back to 1937. It was developed by a Swedish coach Gosta Holmer, as part of a military training. Farklets are continuous runs during which you pick up the pace at different times, depending on specific markings or how you feel. Farklets are a great way to run at different paces, work on race paces and tactics in a fun and informal way compared to traditional speedwork. Farklet training will help increase your lactic acid threshold level.

Fun ways of doing Farklets:

Pyramid Run:

1 min. hard- 1 min easy. 2 mins hard- 2 mins easy. 3 mins hard- 3 mins easy. 2 mins hard- 2 mins easy. 1 min hard- 1 min easy.

Push Ups Break:

2 mins hard- 1 min easy. 1 min hard- 1 min easy. 1 min of Push Ups- Start again Do 4- 6 reps.

Run different distances:

200m hard- rest 1 min jog. 400m hard- rest 1 min jog. 600m- rest 2 mins jog. Repeat 4 times

Lamp Posts Sprints:

Pick lamp posts as markers and sprint between lamp posts and recover jogging between the next lamp post.

Dog Sprints: 

Start running 1 min hard every time you see a dog followed by 1 min rest than keep running until the next dog.

Cars sprints:

Run hard until you pass 10 cars, jog for 1 min then repeat. Do 6 reps.

Group Farklets:

Run in a group and take turns leading, but don’t tell the other runners how far or fast your rep will be, then take a rest jogging and let another runner take the lead. Switch leaders and take turns to do about 12 reps, each rep can last 30 secs to 5 mins, with 1 or 2 mins of slow jogging recovery between.

Playlist Farklets:  Run a certain distance that works for you, for example 10K, running fast reps on songs by female singers and then recover with a jog with songs by male singers.

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