15 mins post-run workout to get stronger and faster.

As a runner, in order to stronger and faster, we need to include some strength and core work in our weekly training program. We need to focus on our core, strength and balance. When we hear the word “core” often people think of a toned “six pack”, when in fact the abdominal muscles are only a fraction of your entire core muscles. A strong core does produce toned abdominal muscles, but it does involve a lot more than just crunches. Functional core training includes power, strength and stabilization. Having a strong core creates a solid base for your entire body, improving not only your running form but also your everyday posture, making it easier to perform daily tasks. Working on getting a strong core helps to stabilize the spine, get a stronger back, if you experience lower back pain it’s probably due to a weak core. The core muscles start from the torso down to the hips, it includes 29 muscles.

Some muscles part of the core:

Hip Adductors
Gluteus Medius, Minimus, Maximus
Erector Spinae
Rectus Abdominus
Hip Flexors
Transverse Abdominals
Internal Oblique
External Oblique

When we perform functional core training, we utilize more muscles in a larger range of motion. You can get a nice looking ripped “six pack”, but that doesn’t mean you have a strong core. By adding core exercises to your daily routine, you release pressure from the spine, lengthen the core, reduce back pain, improve posture and of course improve your athletic performance. By improving your range of motion you will gain more agility, you will see quicker reaction to movements. Having a strong core will make it easier to run up the mountain or stairs, lift heavy boxes etc..

Only 15 minutes of these exercises post-run 3 times/week will be very beneficial to help with your running form, speed and strength. It is very important to perform these exercises after the run, it will serve as a great cooldown, strengthen the core, reduce soreness in the legs and help with recovery.

Inchworm Plank
Side Plank with Leg Lift
Single Leg Squat
Squat Jumps
Mountain Climbers
Up & Down Plank
Lateral Lunges
Curtsy Lunge & Hop
Marching Bridge
Opposite Arm & Leg Plank
Single Leg Deadlift
Windshield Wipers
Push Ups
Walking Lunges

Choose 5 exercises and perform each one for 1 min- 3 circuits

Train Hard, Eat Right, Feel Great!