Planning Goals for 2017

We are already just a few weeks away from 2017! Now is a good time to start planning for your health and fitness goals for 2017. If you start making plans and decisions now, it will help you get through the holidays in a much healthier way.

First take a look back at 2016, think of what your goals were and what you accomplished.

Ask yourself these questions:

-How is my overall health and fitness level?
-Am I healthier and more fit than before?
-Did I accomplish any of my goals for 2016?
-What changes should I make to improve my fitness and nutrition?
-What mistakes did I make that affected my training goals, races or nutrition plan?

Then for your 2017 goals, reassess your training plan to make sure it fits in with your daily work and family schedule. We can always find time to schedule some exercise and training in our schedule, all it takes is some good organisation and motivation. 

How to kick start 2017?

-Find a goal: Sign up for a race, or set a running distance that you would like to achieve, start a new sport whether its cycling, swimming, or boxing, find a new challenge.
-Sign up for a training plan or make up your own so that you have a set schedule to follow, which makes it a lot easier to motivate yourself. If you signed up for a race or an event don’t delay training until the last minute, even though it might seem far away, time flies by and you don’t want to under train.
-Look after your daily nutrition: By eating healthy on a regular basis, you will see a difference in your overall and long term health and performance. Choose healthy foods that you enjoy, lower your processed foods and sugar intake. Make it a healthy and balanced diet with some carbohydrates, healthy fats and protein. If you constantly deprive yourself, your body will not be happy, and it will make your diet very unstable.

Train Hard, Eat Right, Feel Great!