Benefits of writing our own race report.

Every time we do a race, whether it’s an ultra-marathon, road race or triathlon, we always have some issues that we need to sort out for the next race. By the time the next race comes around or the following year we sign up for the same race, we often forget about the few issues we had or things we forgot to include in our gear or nutrition. A great way to make sure that for the next race we are set and ready to go, without forgetting about the few problems we had before, is to write our own race report within a day or two after the race. Writing about how we felt and when, which gear worked or didn’t, things that we should have brought but didn’t and how our nutrition sustained our performance will make the next race easier to organize and help to increase our performance.
Race report details:
Physical strength- How did I feel physically and at which part of the race? When did I feel the strongest, at the beginning, halfway or towards the end? Did I start to fast? Was my pace stable?
Training- Which part of the race felt the toughest, was it the uphill, or sprinting on the flat? Knowing how we feel at which point in the race will help us figure out what type of training we should focus on for the next race.
Pace- One challenging part is to try to pace ourselves at the start. Pushing above our performance level at the start might cause us to “hit the wall” halfway through. We want to make sure that we start at a good and steady pace to be able to progressively increase our speed and finish strong.
Fueling and nutrition- During a race sometimes we take some food or supplements that really help with increasing our energy levels and the other way around, some foods might cause some digestive issues. Writing down which foods and supplements helped or not and at which stage of the race, or something we were craving and didn’t have access to, will help us organizing our nutrition for the next race.
Gear- If anything didn’t feel right; shoes, clothes, socks, bottles, hydrapack, or maybe your headlamp was not efficient. If you were missing an item, make sure you note it down and maybe buy what you would have needed or preferred right away so that it’s ready to go for the next race.
First Aid kit- Depending on what type of race you’re doing, some you have to carry a First Aid Kit with basic items to look after injuries, pain, GI issues. By logging how you felt during the race if you had any stomach issues, nausea, muscle or joint pain, this will ensure that next time you carry the right medication to help with those issues to get you to the finish line.
Weather and performance- In your race report, also write about how the weather affected your performance, if it was hot and humid you might have needed more electrolytes or hydration. If the weather was cold, you should’ve have taken extra clothing, a proper wind jacket, arm warmers, etc…
Writing your personal race report will make you feel more organized, prepared, and stronger for the next race:)

Train Hard, Eat Right, Feel Great!