Why we shouldn’t avoid foam rolling?

After a hard or long run, there are a lot of things we would rather do, but we know that foam rolling is good to release our tight and sore muscles. Foam rolling is basically a way of looking after our muscles and by ignoring our foam roller for a few days and pretend that we will be fine, that we can just get a little massage later in the week to help loosen our muscles actually isn’t enough. The more we avoid foam rolling, the more painful it is the next time we use it.

To avoid using our foam roller will only increase muscle soreness when we run, and possible injuries. Stretching regularly and foam rolling should be part of our training plan, we should include it in our schedule, like we do our runs. Sometimes, it is a training challenge, but we have to push ourselves to foam roll regularly. After a few sessions of stretching and foam rolling, the benefits will quickly kick in and we will see major improvements in our flexibility.
We just have to make sure we foam roll every important part of a runner’s body; 
Hip flexors
IT Band

It does seem intense, but once we get it into our routine, it does get easier, less painful and so beneficial. By skipping just a few days of foam rolling, you will start feeling all the muscle tightness and soreness. Start foam rolling regularly, put up with the pain and enjoy the benefits.

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