How proper sports massages can improve our performance level

In the past few years, we have seen a major rise in running distances, training intensity, level of athletic performance. The levels of speed, endurance, and strength are pushed more and more and every year we see new world records. The key factors for the increase in performance include;
Better training equipment
Better knowledge of how important proper nutrition fuels our body
More scientific knowledge of our whole-body structure and function
Understanding the importance of looking after our muscles and body.
Everyone wanting to maintain or increase their level of performance or running distances, train more effectively and overcome injuries knows how proper sports massages are an important part of an athlete’s regimen. The awareness and use of massage therapy provided by a certified massage therapist is an important component of a perfect training plan. Sports massage therapists have to be familiar with each muscle, muscle groups, and how they are affected by the specific movements and stresses of a specific sport. A sports massage doesn’t just feel good, it might be a bit intense, but it does have several benefits; it reduces the heart rate, blood pressure, increases blood circulation and lymph flow, reduces muscle tension and spasm, improves range of motion and helps relieve pain. It also helps the body to recover from injuries and decreases the levels of cortisol. After a sports massage, the levels of endorphins and serotonin change which helps reduce pain, and delay onset muscle soreness.
Benefits of regular sports massage:
Reduce the chance of injury, especially through deep tissue massage
Improve range of motion and muscle flexibility which helps improve power and performance
Shorten recovery time between training sessions and races
Enhance elimination of metabolic by-products of exercise
Expert sports massage therapists focus on the understanding of anatomy, kinesiology. By focusing on particular muscle groups and releasing specific tissues, a massage therapist can help improve range of motion and muscle flexibility. To get a basic massage from a non-professional masseuse can feel relaxing, but most of the time you are just given a generic massage with no focus on releasing the proper muscle groups to prevent injuries. Making sure you find a professional and efficient massage therapist is the key to taking care of our body, improve our performance, prevent injuries and speed up recovery and healing.
Train Hard, Eat Right & Feel Great!