Setting new running goals for lifelong happiness.

In the past few weeks, talking to a few Ultra-runners, I’ve realized how setting up new motivational goals in your running life can have great positive effects in your Lifetime.
One runner mentioned how training and running his first 100km last year, changed his entire life, including his family life, he mentioned how more positive and connected he was to his family.  Reaching new exciting but challenging goals in your life will change your entire physical and mental well-being. Running can help you become a better version of yourself. Every passionate runner speaks with intensity, and are very goal-focused. You have to look at it as the pursuit of goals is the real reward and what really matters. To push your limits both physically and mentally to set new goals and attain them is a great life challenge.
To figure out how running can really encourage you to set new life goals, ask yourself:
-What aspects of running truly excites me?
-How can I explore and get in to running more deeply?
-What is my next pursuit or goal knowing what I really love about running?
No matter how old, how slow or fast you are, there’s a running adventure for everyone. To run a 100km, 50km, full marathon, or set a new 10K PB, you can chase whatever goal interests the primitive part of your brain that thinks “crazy” things like Ultra-marathon, Ironman, challenging trail races or smashing a 5K race. The constant pursuit of new goals will take you through a motivational and positive life journey.
“The journey is more important than the destination”.
Physical and mental benefits of running:
-Balances stress hormones, cortisol and adrenaline levels.
-Increases the mood-lifting endorphin levels.
-Running makes us more optimistic, happy, more pain tolerant.
-Sharper memory and focus.
-Increases the sense of achievement after challenging yourself.

Train Hard, Eat Right & Feel Great!