Stair Workouts for Runners

Stair workouts for runners
A great way to increase our fitness level, VO2Max, and overall health is to add a 5 min stair workout after our run. Running up and down stairs is a very efficient workout for runners, it helps improve not only our stamina but also strengthening leg muscles in a different way.
Benefits of stair training:
It engages more leg muscles than road running.
Improves vertical jump
Improves the range of motion
It is easier on the joints than regular sprints.
Running down the stairs, make sure you engage more the glutes on the impact, rather than impacting your knees.
Two post-run stair workouts for runners:
Workout 1

Sprint Up- Run Down- 1 min
Hop on 1 foot (1 step)- 5 steps up then alternate- 1 min
High knees sideways all the way up- run back down and switch side
Step Hop- Hop on and off the bottom step on one foot for 15 secs. Then switch foot for 15secs. Finish hopping with both feet for 30secs.
Sprint up- Run down- 1 min.
Workout 2

Sprint up the stairs- Run down slowly
Repeat 8-10 times
Perform these workouts twice/week after your run and you will see a great improvement on your performance level. When running upstairs make sure you push off the ball of your foot, engage your core to use your abdominals to lift your knees, so you don’t overuse your hip flexors. Running down engage your glutes to absorb the impact to save your knees. Make it fun, listen to some music or count the steps, find any way to motivate yourself:)

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