Impact of Proper Form

When we think about proper posture, as runners we usually think about working towards our running form, however, proper posture has many more physiological and emotional effects.
An individual with a good upright posture tends to have a more balanced emotional state and positive attitude. When we have a good posture, stand nice and tall, we tend to feel more confident which promotes and strengthens our positive mental attitude. A proper posture will balance not only our emotional state, but also improve our heart rate, health and blood flow.
What is a proper posture?
To create a good posture, we have to focus on a healthy shoulder posture that balances the muscles of the front and back sides of the collarbones. This will help lift our breast bones and open the ribs outward. Our neck should be straight which will help to align the spine. Our shoulders should not be stiff, this posture should feel comfortable and relaxed. The more we build strength in these muscles the more comfortable this posture will feel. Having a poor posture causes our joints to become stiff, our muscles to lose some of their flexibility and strength.
Step 1
The first step to develop a better posture, which will help to improve your heart rate, blood circulation and a more intelligent body, is to create awareness of your body alignment. We need to balance the body from top to bottom, front to back, and right side to left side so all the movements spiral upwards.
Step 2
The next step is to focus on our body when we are stressed. This is the most important time when we will benefit from proper posture. When we are stressed, our whole upper body tends to get very stiff, our shoulders get tight, lift up and crunch over, our neck is very stiff, all this tightness affects our spine alignment, mobility, flexibility, lower back and joints. All these symptoms of our posture will make a big negative impact on our mental state. When we are stressed, it is important to take deep breaths and align our posture. Because a good posture can improve our mood, it will be part of our de-stress session. We just have to keep reminding ourselves to work towards proper posture on a daily basis to see great positive physical and emotional results.
For proper posture- Muscles to stretch:
Suboccipitals (upper neck muscles)
Hip Flexors

Muscles to Strengthen:
Mid-Lower Trapezius
Anterior and Posterior Core
Glute Muscles
Strength train with proper form and technique.
Posture affects our mood and mood affects our posture.
Set up an environment for good posture- Office desk and chair, laptop carry bags, handbags, mattress and pillows etc…
Stand straight, nice and tall, feel stronger, happier and more confident:)

Train Hard, Eat Right & Feel Great!