Hydration on the Run

The hot and humid season is back. As runners, we need to pay attention to proper hydration. Like nutrition, hydration is also very personal according to our body type and metabolism. Some runners sweat more than others, while some sweat a lot but don’t lose as much sodium. It is important to follow some basic rules, and then adjust it according to our sweat rate and weather.
Tips to stay hydrated:
Hydration before running- To consume 6-8oz of water before a run will help you stay hydrated. If you plan to run at night, make sure you drink enough water during the day.

Hydration while running- When running for more than 60 mins, make sure you have access to some water, and for runs longer than 90 mins, you will need electrolytes. Don’t wait until you feel really thirsty to drink, try to drink every 10-20mins 7-10oz. Again, for some runners it might be too much and for others not enough. In order to figure out how much water you should consume, calculate your sweat rate. Attached is a simple sweat rate calculation chart, all you have to do is weigh yourself before you run, then weigh yourself after the run. Add the quantity of water and sport drink you consumed on the run, follow the calculation chart and you will know how much fluid your body lost while you trained. The next time make sure you consume at least 80% of the amount of fluid you lost.

Post-workout hydration- Even though you hydrated yourself while running, if you trained in hot and humid weather, you will need to keep hydrating throughout the day.

Check your urine colour- You want your urine to be light yellow, not dark (that is a sign of dehydration) or super clear (sign of over hydration).

Include some sport drinks- Especially for long runs, you need to include some electrolytes. If you’re not eating gels or snacks you will need the carbohydrates found in sport drinks. But if you plan to run a long distance, make sure you include some carbohydrates and snacks to keep your energy levels up and not deplete your body.

Signs of dehydration- Symptoms of dehydration include dry mouth, thirst, headache. If you start dehydrating while running, you will feel your energy levels go down and your performance starts suffering. Severe dehydration may cause vomiting and dizziness, and with hot weather, watch out for heat stroke and heat exhaustion.
Sweat Rate Calculation Chart


Train Hard, Eat Right, Feel Great!