Running to the next level

Once again, the racing season 2017-2018 is starting soon. Whether runners are getting ready to race 5K, half-marathon or ultra- marathon, to take our running performance to the next level can make a big difference in all aspects of the race. Feeling stronger, faster to reach our goals can be very motivating both physically and mentally.

Tips to boost our running performance:

Increase the running volume– Increasing our running distance, increases our endurance level. Especially for long distance races, this aspect of our performance is crucial. Even for shorter distance races, increasing our running distance gradually will have several benefits. Runners that are running well and injury free should consider increasing the weekly distance 10% per week, especially when getting closer to peak training weeks leading up to a key race.

Speedwork and intensity– Many long-distance runners don’t realize that doing speedwork training and hill repeats can also improve their long distance running performance. Options are some track workouts, Farklets, hill repeats. Some of these can even be done on the trail.

Pick and focus on key races– Many runners sign up for several races, to focus on specific races will be helpful in improving race results. It can be very tempting to run many races, but focusing on a few races physically and mentally during the racing season will mean that your body will be ready and you will be more mentally focused and determined to reach your goal. Each specific race will have more meaning to it.

Similar training– Having access to similar terrains of your target races can make a huge difference in the race itself. The more you can train on similar terrains the better, whether its technical, high elevation, the stronger you will be on race day. Even if you don’t have access to similar terrains, you can use a treadmill for hill workouts, stair repeats, agility ladder drills to improve technical running form.

Include some non-running sessions– With our very busy lives, it can be challenging to include weekly sessions of core and strength training, looking after our body with sport massages, physio, and resting. By including our training sessions in our daily schedule will allow us to actually be able to do it all (most of the time). Making sure we get enough sleep, a healthy diet to ensure proper fueling will look after our body, allowing for better training runs, able to handle the training schedule, and perform well on our key races.

Train Hard, Eat Right, and Feel Great!