How to make a race easier physically and mentally

How nice does it feel when we run a race when it feels sustainable, easier, like your body just flows through it. To reach that type of comfort zone, we need to get our body in an auto-pilot mode, when the body knows exactly what and when to do something. We need to get into a rhythm where we get into a flowing pace and the effort seems lower, that’s when we can appreciate our surroundings and environment. To achieve that goal, we need to train to reach a reasonable degree of fitness, so we can race without being obsessed with small details, not feel any self-imposed pressure and be able to keep everything in perspective without high stress levels.
Tips to reduce anxiety about our performance level:
-Get familiar with the race course- To do some recce of a race course will put you in a closer relationship with the route and will help you get into a nice rhythm during the race.
-Increase your fitness level- the better your fitness, the easier it is to achieve a flowing feeling and feel less stressed about achieving a great performance. Obsessing on winning an age group, keeping up a specific pace or place can cause stress and anxiety which can lower our performance level. Once we feel fit and strong we can focus on our body ability to reach our own goal.
– Self-confidence and self-belief- Getting into these states of mind will lower any anxiety and make it easier to get into a state of flow. We have to let go of our ego, enjoy the moment. The easier it is to relax, the lower the perceived effort will feel,making our pace more sustainable.
-Not focusing only on race results- Picking your target race, getting excited to run the race feeling great, strong, and actually enjoying the whole race will produce better results.
Train Hard, Eat Right, and Feel Great!