What Running Teaches Us About Life

Runners will start running to stay fit, clear the mind, relief stress to kick start a good day, or after a long busy day. Running is an easy way to exercise, with easy access and not too much gear, so it’s a healthy good way to pass time. The more we run, the more running rewards us.

Running is one of the best thing in life, running repays our investment and commitment through improved fitness, clearer mind, and some deep life lessons. Running can teach us things about life.


  1. Every Day is Different

Every run is different. Even running the same route at the same time, each day, which should feel identical every day, each run will be different.

  • Some days it is internal issues that change each day; our mood, energy levels, enthusiasm, motivation.
  • Some days it is external issues that can change each day; rainy day, sunny day, strong wind, busy route.
  • Some days every run is different, sometimes we would like each run to be and feel the same, to support our speedwork target, pace goal, or just to feel comfortable and a good high-energy level.
  • Some days it’s impossible to push through the run at a fast and strong speed.
  • Some days we are restless and want to quit.

Each day’s run is different, and that is just like our daily life. Each day is something new and different, sometimes good, or bad, or unexpected. Running teaches and reminds us that each day is different, and to appreciate each day for being unique.


  1. Running is Mostly Non-Competitive- Competition is Ourselves

Running is not a highly competitive sport. Sometimes during races, it is competitive. But during our regular runs, competition should be ourselves.

  • Some days we are competing against our mind to tell us to quit, or cancel our run.
  • Some days we compete against a self-imposed target.
  • Some days we are competing against a previous performance.

Running is not about competing with other people, this might cause demotivation in the long-term.  Successful runners are not the people who are constantly measuring themselves against other people. Successful runners measure themselves against their own standards. Runners are driven to work hard in order to become the best version of themselves. Our competition isn’t other people, it’s us; our ego, procrastination and self-talk.


  1. Only You Can Truly Help Yourself
  • If you want to run a 10K or a 100K, only you can be responsible, show up and make it happen.
  • You can get support from friends or other runners, but the only person that has to do the work is you.
  • Just like our everyday life, anything we want to truly achieve has to be initiated from within, it has to come from us, just like in running.
  • Just like running, anything in life, we need to show up, and try to achieve and succeed.
  • Only you can truly help yourself.


  1. Issues are Going to Happen

After running for a few years, we will all have some issues and interesting stories. Whether it is about an injury, or mental drain or burn-out. But to confront and resolve these issues, we have to work on it in order to get back to running and perform well. Running for years will create some issues that as human beings just like our daily life, we will have to resolve and deal with.

  • Injury
  • Loss of motivation
  • One of our races cancelled
  • Health issues

In our daily life some issues will happen, something terrible or unexpected happens. But once we recognize that setbacks are inevitable and temporary, we can re-frame and resolve these issues. And with the right mindset we can thrive.


  1. Discomfort is Delayed Gratification

Running is all about getting comfortable starting uncomfortable.

  • Early morning runs when we’re tired.
  • Running in cold weather, rain, strong winds.
  • Pushing the limits of our body past our comfort zone.
  • Runners get used to and even embrace the sensation of being uncomfortable.
  • Runners realize that delayed gratification is doing something uncomfortable now for a reward later on.
  • Runners realize the benefits of putting themselves into hard situations.

The best things in life often appear as rewards for going through periods of discomfort. For our daily life, discomfort is actually delayed gratification.


  1. Routine and Structured Schedules Lead to Success

Most runners have a good running routine, training plan and schedule. It keeps us balanced and successful.

In our daily life, routine, structure, planned schedule and targets will lead to success.

Routine and structure lead to success.


  1. Community Run Provides Strength

Running solo has many benefits, but being part of a good running community is also important.

  • Being part of a running group can give us support and encouragement.
  • Training with a friend is more fun and easier.
  • Running with others can boost our mental strength and positivity.


In our daily life, we all rely on our friends, family and community, they make us better, stronger and encourage us, same as running.

There’s strength in community.

Run, Train, Run for a Better Life!