10 Fitness Goals We Need To Focus On For Our Overall Wellbeing

To find and focus on some fitness goals can help us feel better physically and mentally. Fitness goals are about finding what we aim to improve, our bodyweight, strength, fitness level, or overall well-being, which will make us feel much better and even reduce stress.

To set and schedule some fitness goals can help us monitor our progress, motivate us to push through some light discomfort, but mainly to feel the accomplishment and delight of reaching our fitness goal, feeling much better.


Our fitness goals should be personal, according to our fitness level, life schedule, and body type. We need to find the right type of strength exercises, the running distances and speed, eating the right healthy foods according to our body type and training. We just need to focus on getting healthier, stronger, and happier.


10 Fitness Goals


  1. Cardiovascular Goals– Plan to spend 3-4 hours/week performing some type of cardiovascular exercises, it could be running, cycling, swimming, hiking, walking, jump rope. Perform 3-5 sessions/week at about 70-90% of your max heart rate.
  2. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)– To perform 1-2 HIIT workout sessions per week can be very helpful to increase strength and cardio levels.
  3. Plan for Minimum of 10,000 Steps/Day– More sedentary lifestyle and work lifestyle can affect our metabolism and whole body. To add some steps/day, to move our body while at work to avoid sitting all day will protect our overall health. Walk, walk, walk.
  4. Strength Training Sessions– Target building up every major muscle group by performing 2-3 sessions/week. Building up our muscles increases bone health, muscles quality, body strength and endurance. Strength exercises can be combined with HIIT sessions.
  5. Perform Stretches Regularly– Regular stretching improves our range of motion, prepares our muscles and joints for intense activity and running, improves our flexibility and increases our recovery by reducing post-training aches and pain.
  6. Decrease Body Fat– Having a healthy BMI is an important health factor, it can reduce the risk of many diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, it also helps to reduce inflammation, enhance the functions of our joints and tendons, which is crucial to support running sessions.
  7. Reduce or Avoid Sugar– Cutting sugar from our diet will help improve our health and health issues. We can provide our body with natural healthy carbohydrates to support our training activities.
  8. Eat More Vegetables– To eat healthy green vegetables is essential in a healthy eating plan. Eating lots of dark, leafy green vegetables can provide us with many nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, which will support our body to perform at its best.
  9. Drink Enough Water– Water is essential to keep us fit and healthy. We need to make sure we stay well hydrated throughout the day. Aim to drink 2.5L of water minimum/day.
  10. 7-8 Hours of Sleep– Proper sleep pattern and schedule should be part of our fitness goal, as it is crucial for achieving our fitness goal and support our training energy and strength. Enough sleep such as 7-8 hours, speeds up recovery and the muscle rebuilding, as well as boost up our energy tank for the next training session.