3 Islands GreenRace Virtual Hike & Run

Hong Kong,  23 April 2022 – 1 ITRA

Lamma > HK Island > Lantau

41K* 31K, 21K, 11K
Solo, Teams of 2-5 (Open)

* Add Tung Lung Chau to Stage 3 complete 4 Islands! Lamma > HK Island > Tung Lung Chau > Lantau

* 2022 Race Date is tentative and may change.

3 Islands GreenRace 2022!


3 Islands is a unique island hopping trail challenge – basically 3 races in one day. Make no mistake, this is one tough challenge. The first island, Lamma route is technical climb, headed up Mt. Stenhouse.  

Next hop on to Hong Kong Island and finally wrap it all up on Lantau. Ferry and other travel time between Islands are not included in your final race time. This is what makes it all so much fun – and challenging! Not challenging enough for you? Add a 4th Island by racing to the Tung Lung Chau Ferry after completing the HK Island leg. 

As always, our goal is for all participants to have more than a fair opportunity to finish every GreenRace. Cut-off times are generous, but that doesn’t mean this challenge is easy. Sign up for what you’ve trained to complete and you’ll enjoy the day out. Celebrate our day out accomplishment together at the finish line – China Bear, Mui Wo. Choose your challenge:

4 Islands – 41K > Lamma > HK Island > Tung Lung Chau > Lantau
3 Islands – 31K > Lamma > HK Island > Lantau
2 Islands – 21K > Lamma > HK Island
1 Island – 11K > Lamma

NB: 3 Islands is, semi self-supported, orienteering race and part of the fun is finding your way to the next Island yourself without relying on course markings. It pays to to review the course maps in advance.

Age Categories

All distances are Open Category. There are no age categories for this race.

  • Minimum age is 16yrs old on race day for this event. 
  • For reference, the usual age categories for TGR Events are here.

* Teams: Open Category only
* All Teams must start together, scan in at each checkpoint together and cross the finish line together.

1) Lamma Island (Stenhouse) – 11K –  GPX | Strava | Map (.jpg)
2) Hong Kong Island (High West) – 10K –  GPX | Strava | Map (.jpg)
3) Tung Lung Chau Island (updated 25 Apr ’21) – 10K  GPX | Strava | Map (.jpg)
4) Lantau Island (Tigershead)- 10K – GPX | Strava | Map (.jpg)

Check the 4 Islands Day Plan here

1) Lamma Island (Stenhouse) – 11K  GPX | Strava | Map (.jpg)
2) Hong Kong Island (High West) – 10K  GPX | Strava | Map (.jpg)
3) Lantau Island (Tigershead) – 10K GPX | Strava | Map (.jpg)

1) Lamma Island (Stenhouse) – 11K –  GPX | Strava | Map (.jpg)
2) Hong Kong Island (High West) – 10K –  GPX | Strava | Map (.jpg)

2 Islands Suggested Transfer – Strava

1 Island GreenRace - 11K (0 ITRA)

1) Lamma Island (Stenhouse) – 11K –  GPX | Strava | Map (.jpg)

1 Island Suggested Transfer – Strava

Lamma Island (Stenhouse)

[sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/3i-11K.gpx”]

Hong Kong Island (High West)

[sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/3i-10K.gpx”]

Lantau Island (Tigershead)

[sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/3iLantau-3Islands.gpx”]

Tung Lung Chau Island

[sgpx gpx=”/wp-content/uploads/gpx/4i-Tung-Lung-Chau-3Islands-Advanced.gpx”]

Entitlements & Options

3 Islands Finisher Tee

Personalised Finisher’s Certificate – Automatically available following completion of your challenge!

Registration Fees

Early Bird Reg (1 – 23 March)

1 Island – HK$350
2 Islands – HK$400
3 Islands – HK$500
4 Islands – HK$600

Normal bird registration (24 Mar – 9 May)

1 Island – HK$400
2 Islands – HK$450
3 Islands – HK$550
4 Islands – HK$650


  • Finisher’s Medal – Included with registration fee.
  • 3 Islands Finisher Tee – included with registration fee.

Racepack Collection

Racepack Collection for 3 Islands GreenRace will be at Gone Running.

Dates:  TBC
Location:  16/F, Simsons Commercial Building, 137 Johnston Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong. (Wan Chai MTR A3 exit turn left then walk 20m)

Phone:  +852 3461 9792 
Website:  gone.run/pages/contact-us

Bag Drop


RunnerReg Race Credit – Top 3 male, female, team (any size or gender) for each distance receive the following: 

  • 1st – HK$1000 RunnerReg Race Credit
  • 2nd – HK$500 RunnerReg Race Credit
  • 3rd – HK$250 RunnerReg Race Credit
* Mass participation race only.

Cut-Off Times

Lamma Island

  • 1i (11K) Lamma Island Race – 11:00 am Cut-Off
  • [Lamma > YSW > Mt Stenhouse > Mo Tat Wan] 11K / ~750M

Hong Kong Island

  • 2i (11K) HK Island – 3:00pm Cut-Off
  • [HK Island – Aberdeen > High West] 10K / 450M

Lantau Island

  • 3i (10K) Lantau Island – 6:30pm Cut-Off
  • [Lantau Island – DB > Tigershead > Mui Wo] 10K / 550M

Tung Lung Chau Island

  • 4i Advanced – 6:30am start / 6.30pm Final Cut-Off. Really need to manage your time on this one!
  • 4i – 41K > Lamma > HK Island > Tung Lung Chau > Lantau (max. 50 advanced participants)
  • Check the 4 Islands Day Plan here

Mandatory Gear

NB:  It is a mandatory requirement to have the race route gpx or Strava route readily available for navigation while participating at all GreenRace / TGR Trail Running events. Runners found not having immediate access to the course route for navigation purposes will be disqualified. Download the race route here:  greenrace.run/maps

Mandatory gear for this race is as follows: 

  1. Hat/cap/bandana to be used as protection in adverse hot or rainy conditions
  2. Fully charged mobile phone with TGR Control Centre phone numbers: +852 9173 4477 (Chinese) & +852 9163 3306  (English)
  3. Digital or printed copy of the course map
  4. Minimum 1.5L water hydration bladder or water bottle
  5. Good tread trail running shoes, minimum 50% tread remaining
  6. Safety Pins or race belt for your bib number

Race Rules

  1. Difficulty Note: This race is a challenging, semi self-supported, orienteering race — part of the fun is to find your way to the next Island yourself without relying on course markings! 
  2. Marshals & Timing – There will be course marshals and first aid support stationed on all 4 routes. To complete the full challenge, participants must complete all 1,2,3,4 Island Islands (Lamma, HK Island, Lantau, Tung Lung Chau). 
  3. Navigation – There are no course markers and participants must download the gpx files and/or use Strava for navigation. 

*4 Islands Advanced Runners will add Tung Lung Chau following HK Island (2nd Island) – Tung Lung Chau Island (9K) 

  1. Transfers – No race running permitted during transfers between each Island of the 3I race. Transfer/commute times, ferry trips, ferry wait times do not count as part of the race time.
  2. Transportation – All modes of transportation between race Islands are permitted (e.g. Taxi, bus, bike, etc)
  3. Slower Participants – If the 1st Island 11:55 am ferry cut-off is missed, participants can still catch the 1:25 pm Mo Tat Wan ferry to Aberdeen, then return to Central Ferry Pier 3 > Discovery Bay to complete Island3 and meet all participants at the finish.
  4. Training & Preparation – We only invite our participants to a challenge we have personally completed ourselves. This course has been tried and tested by our team runners all with varying levels of experience and the general consensus is that it’s challenging but doable and fun! We encourage you to get out to test the course and test yourself, especially if you’re a newbie to trail running or competing for a podium position! Visit our training page here: https://greenrace.run/training.