Health Benefits of Reading Books- Top Running Books 2020

  During this particularly stressful year, one of the big health source for many people has been the practice of reading books. Research shows that just 30 minutes of reading a day can allow us to physically reset, lowering our blood pressure, heart rate, and levels of stress. But reading can also support our mental […]

Speed Drills to Get Faster and Stronger at Running

As runners, to increase our running pace we need to perform:   Speedwork session to increase our VO2Max, and activate and strengthen our fast twitch muscles. Speed Drills sessions to increase our muscle endurance.   Why Should We Perform Speed Drills Training Sessions?   To increase our speed for longer distance runs- over 20K, Speed […]

Benefits of Walks for Runners

Runners should add some regular walks to their daily routine. Many people including runners don’t see the benefits or enjoy walking regularly. Studies show that even an hour or two of exercise each day does not offset the damage of sitting down the rest of your waking hours, especially with long days sitting at the […]

Benefits of TGR Virtual/ Local Running Training Team

  With our constant busy life schedules, and the consequences from the current virus, to join a virtual running or training group can have many benefits to maintain or improve our fitness level, motivation, positivity and overall health. Traditional running clubs have been around for 100 years or more. But with our new generation lifestyle […]

10 Fitness Goals We Need To Focus On For Our Overall Wellbeing

To find and focus on some fitness goals can help us feel better physically and mentally. Fitness goals are about finding what we aim to improve, our bodyweight, strength, fitness level, or overall well-being, which will make us feel much better and even reduce stress. To set and schedule some fitness goals can help us […]

Gluteus Medius Activation and Stretching for Injury-Free Running

In order to run with proper form and injury free, our glute muscles have to be fired up properly, and activated before other muscles such as hamstrings. The gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus are the three key muscles in our backside. When we spend a long period of time sitting, the glutes disactivate, making it […]

Hot to Prevent Adductor Muscle Pain

Adductor muscles pain is a common issue with many sports, but also very common with runners, especially trail runners. Our adductors are complex tendons, muscles and ligaments attached to the pelvis, which stabilizes the hips and legs with side to side motion. For trail runners, having to deal with more technical trail, uphill, downhill with […]

Basic Foods for Better Performance and Health

Runners following restricted, unhealthy, or imbalanced nutrition habits, will affect their performance, and even heart health. According to some research, runners who eat foods high in potassium, magnesium and healthy fats with the right amount of protein and healthy carbs and calories, according to their lifestyle and training, will increase and support their performance and […]

Better Sleep Pattern for Runners

Sleep is one of the very important component that is usually not into our running training plans. But it should be. Most runners training for longer distances or running regularly, according to our working schedule, we either have to run very early in the morning or later at night which can affect our sleep schedule. […]

Muscles We Need to Focus On to Improve Our Running Goals

  If we want to make the most of our runs, we have to be conscious of the muscles used in running. Knowing what actually happens in our body when we run helps us improve our running form and performance, get healthier with stronger muscles and get fitter.   The Most Important Muscles Used in Running   […]