How to Prevent Achilles Tendonitis

In the past few months I have been coming across quite a few runners who have been dealing with foot injuries, plantar fasciitis and Achilles issues. Achilles injuries (Achilles Tendonitis) is a very common injury amongst runners, it can be very painful, and stressful. All the force when you “toe off” the ground while running is […]

Why Do We Need Proper Fueling During Long Runs

  When we’re running long distances, our body needs proper fueling to keep it going. Not consuming enough energy such as carbohydrates, and electrolytes, even during long distance runs we will need some protein to refuel our body. According to our body type, some runners might even crave some small portions of healthy fat during […]

Stretches to Prevent Plantar Fasciitis for Runners

  If you run regularly and feel pain in the heel of your foot, then there’s a chance you might be suffering from plantar fasciitis. This is a common overuse injury that can affect your running and training.   What is Plantar Fasciitis   Every time your foot hits the ground, it absorbs the impact […]

Runners Need to Focus on their Shoulder Strength and Flexibility

  Hunched and tight shoulders can cause many problems for runners. First, they can progressively damage our cardiovascular health. When we run, our neck and shoulders should be relaxed and upright. Hunched over shoulders tend to put a lot of pressure on our chest and respiratory system, making it harder to breathe and use oxygen […]

Uphill Training Sessions

STRAIGHT UP HILLS   The simplest of hill sessions, this is also easy to add to your training as you become stronger. As you progress, you can add more reps to the workout. The key with this, and all hill sessions, is to concentrate on your running form. Keep your shoulders relaxed and drive your […]

Downhill Running Form and Technique

  Running uphill and downhill is an important training for runners. Uphill training helps increase our VO2 Max and cardio strength, but a lot of runners get issues when running downhill, especially downhill on the road. The impact of running downhill can affect our quads, which causes micro tears in the muscle cells, which will […]

Pre-Run Fueling with Simple Foods

  With the current trend of intermittent fasting, and some runners’ body type that doesn’t like early morning breakfasts, many runners or athletes run or train with no pre-run or pre-workout fueling. Some runners have more digestive issues when training after a breakfast or meal, or when our training schedule is very early morning sessions […]

Baobab Powder- Superfood for Runners

Baobab powder has the same benefits as electrolyte drinks but with less sugar. Baobab is an African fruit which contains natural performance- boosting electrolytes such as magnesium (helps the body to produce energy and release muscle soreness), calcium (required for muscle contractions and support bone health) and potassium (maintains blood pressure and stores nitrogen in […]

Benefits of HIIT for Runner’s VO2 Max

  Why we Need to Increase our VO2 Max While we run, during the increased effort, we can see some physiological changes. The two most obvious changes we start to feel is breathing harder and our heart pumping faster. We need to increase in breath rate and heart rate, our heart pumps the oxygenated blood […]

Overnight Oats for Runners- Full of Nutrients

  Busy weekday mornings call for simple breakfasts that can be made in advance, and overnight oats definitely provide a great breakfast, or recovery meal. They’re perfect for early mornings when you’re rushing to go to work or need to refuel after a morning session. Plus, they offer many flavour combinations so even very strict eaters, they can find an […]