How to Recover Sore Feet After Long Runs

Often after long runs, we can feel the physical aftermath in our feet. We can feel soreness in our Achilles, arches, toes. Usually, after a few hours we don’t feel the discomfort, but we will feel it again the next day after our run. Stretching our feet after each run is not mandatory unless we […]

Why Do Runners Need Basic Supplements

  Our vegetables, fruits and grains have lost most of their nutrients because of soil depletion. The alarming fact is that foods like fruits, vegetables and grains being raised on millions of acres of land that no longer contain enough of certain needed nutrients, are starving us, no matter how much we eat of them, […]

How Running Cadence and Stride Length Affect our Runs

  Running cadence is the number of steps per minute. Our running speed is connected to our cadence and stride length. Technically, it is the amount of times our foot hits the ground. In the past, the running cadence trend and recommendation was 180 steps/minute, but it is not as simple as it seems. Our […]

Why Runners Should Avoid Restrictive Diets to Stay Fit

  Many people try to follow some very strict diets (keto, low carb, paleo, low fat, low calories) to try to lose weight, look more fit. According to research, human beings cannot follow strict diets for a lifetime and stay healthy. People following strict diets, after a while, they will go back to their normal […]

Benefits of Burpees for Runners

Performing a Burpee is one of the most challenging exercise and a full body workout. Burpees will provide muscle building, fat reduction and improvement in the fitness level. Burpees exercise the whole body at once, that’s why there are so many physical benefits by performing these exercises regularly. Almost all areas of the body are […]

How and Why to Run a Virtual Race

As many runners have registered for races that have been canceled worldwide, many races are being replaced by virtual races. Until our life can return to some form of normality, likely virtual races are most runners’ best option if you want to perform your nice races. To run a virtual race, to prepare both logistically […]

Tips on How to Handle High Heat and Humidity Runs

  When we run in normal weather, our core body temperature naturally rises, and our sweat glands produce droplets that carry excess heat to the surface of the skin, where it evaporates. But high heat and humidity prevents sweat from evaporating, so the heat stays on. On a hot and humid day, with no breeze, […]

Hip Mobility Exercises to Improve Running Form- Part 2

  Runners need to focus on many different exercises and stretches to support a proper running form and avoid injuries. We need to make sure we perform pre-run dynamic warm ups, post-run static stretches, cross training, strength training, core training, and also to include mobility exercises, especially for hip mobility.   Mobility exercises are designed […]

Mobility VS Flexibility for Runners- Part 1

  As runners, we need to perform pre-run dynamic warm ups and post-run stretches to support good flexibility. Mobility is another important factor for runners to support good running form and avoid muscle and joint tightness to prevent injuries. Runners need to add both flexibility and mobility exercises to support muscles and joints health for […]

Benefits of Unilateral (Single Leg- Single Arm) Exercises for Runners

  Unilateral training is performing exercises on one side, such as single leg, or single arm, side plank. Our body is always figuring out ways to compensate for a lack of certain muscles or ranges of motion to achieve the desired move. Running is an extremely repetitive activity, especially road running. Our body tends to […]