About Us

The GreenRace is an event organiser specialising in trail running races. Our team is constituent of professionals from diverse backgrounds, with a shared passion for the outdoors and trail running. We host events across Asia Pacific, with the majority taking place in Hong Kong. Our focus has been to grow the GreenRace brand through world-class events and partnering with successful companies that share our values. Since inception, we have been hosting events frequently and conscientiously which has been critical to our sustainable growth.

Above all, our goal is to develop trail running events that participants and supporters of all ages and abilities love. We feel a sense of responsibility towards the environment we depend on, and continue to strive for zero waste events. With every trail race creation, our focus continues to be on quality, sustainability and runner satisfaction. GreenRace has been loyally supported by the trail running community, built on a foundation of committed volunteers

Why Us

We’re running a path to ZERO WASTE races in Hong Kong and beyond! We aim to generate maximum enjoyment at our events with minimum waste by reducing and eliminating needless consumption. Our wish is that runners of all makes and takes experience maximum enjoyment on race day with minimum environmental impact. Have a green idea to contribute? Please let us know!

‘We Host Year Around’
GreenRace hosts events year-round. The constant stream of trail races and community events helps to consistently grow our database of runners, volunteers and supporters. In just 3 years, our database has grown to over 11,000.

‘We Strive for Diversity’
GreenRace is diverse with regards to the nature of events hosted and the audience it attracts. We host both entry level trail running events, and extremely challenging ultra distance events. Our events have participants from 2 years old, to elite world class runners.

We Have ‘Heart’
GreenRace is recognised for hosting events that provide its runners with authentic, meaningful experiences. Indeed, this is the foundation on which GreenRace was established. The average satisfaction level our participants report is 92%.

‘We Are Green’
Since inception, GreenRace has been a leader in zero waste initiatives that help develop trail running events sustainably in Hong Kong. We recognise the fragility of the environment & are advocates for its preservation. GreenRace has donated more than HK$250,000 to community and environmental causes.

Our Team